BIOPHIL-L: Essential IVF Enhancers for Positive Outcomes

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Lycopene, a natural pigment found in certain fruits and vegetables, has potential benefits as an enhancer of IVF success. Lycopene is known for its antioxidant properties and positive impact on reproductive health.

As an antioxidant, lycopene helps protect the reproductive cells, including eggs and sperm, from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals. This contribute to the preservation of their quality and integrity, potentially improving the chances of successful fertilization during IVF.

Lycopene has also a healthy uterine environment for embryo implantation. It help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the uterus, creating a more favorable environment for successful embryo attachment and development.





Zinc has potential role as an enhancer of IVF success. Zinc is an essential mineral involved in various reproductive processes and has positive effects on fertility and embryo development.

Zinc plays a crucial role in the production and regulation of hormones, which are important for the success of IVF. Adequate zinc levels support the proper functioning of the reproductive system, including the development and release of mature eggs.

Furthermore, zinc is involved in DNA synthesis and repair, which is essential for the development of healthy embryos. It helps maintain the structural integrity of the genetic material, potentially improving embryo quality and reducing the risk of genetic abnormalities.





Selenium has potential benefits as an enhancer of IVF success. Selenium is a trace mineral that plays a crucial role in reproductive health and embryo development.

Selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting reproductive cells from oxidative stress and damage. Thiscontribute to the preservation of egg and sperm quality, potentially improving the chances of successful fertilization during IVF.

Furthermore, selenium supports the production and metabolism of thyroid hormones. Optimal thyroid function is important for fertility and the success of IVF. Selenium helps maintain hormonal balance and supports a healthy reproductive environment.

Generic Name: Lycopene with Zinc & Selenium

Packaging: 30 Caps in a Bottle

INDICATIONS: Boost Sperm Count and Improve Quality

  • Improves sperm count and viability.
  • Antioxidant properties can help keep free radical levels in balance, protecting your body against certain chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • Prevents the development of prostate cancer. It also protects against cancers of the lungs, breasts and kidneys.
  • Help improve cholesterol levels.
  • Help your eyesight: delay the formation of cataracts and reduce your risk of macular degeneration.
  • Lycopene helps reduce neuropathic pain.
  • Lycopene helps prevent seizures and memory loss experienced in age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Help keep bones healthy and strong.
  • Boosts Your Immune System.
  • Accelerates Wound Healing.
  • Reduce the risk of age-related diseases, such as pneumonia, infection, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • Help boost the immune systems of people with HIV, influenza, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C.


One capsule per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Additional Information


Lycopene is a plant nutrient with antioxidant properties. It’s the pigment that gives red and pink fruits, such as tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruit, their characteristic color.

Lycopene has been linked to health benefits ranging from heart health to protection against sunburns and certain types of cancers.

Male Fertility: a decrease in lipid peroxidation and DNA damage, an increase in antioxidants and therefore general immunity, and improved sperm count and viability. These improvements are vital in tackling the problem of oxidative stress, which affects sperm viability, motility and DNA, and therefore causes infertility. the improvement in morphology (the size and shape of the sperm).


Promote Heart Health

Lycopene’s strong antioxidant properties help improve cholesterol levels and reduce your likelihood of developing or dying prematurely from heart disease.

Help your eyesight: Lycopene may prevent or delay the formation of cataracts and reduce your risk of macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older adults.

Reduces pain: Lycopene helps reduce neuropathic pain, a type of pain caused by nerve and tissue damage.

Protects your brain: Lycopene’s antioxidant properties help prevent seizures and memory loss experienced in age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

Contributes to stronger bones: Lycopene’s antioxidant action slows down the death of bone cells, reinforces bone architecture and helps keep bones healthy and strong.

ZINC: Zinc is considered an essential nutrient, meaning that your body can’t produce or store it. For this reason, you must get a constant supply through your diet.

Zinc is required for numerous processes in your body, including :

  • Gene expression
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Immune function
  • Protein synthesis
  • DNA synthesis
  • Wound healing
  • Growth and development
  • Zinc is naturally found in a wide variety of both plant and animal foods.

Foods that don’t naturally contain this mineral, such as breakfast cereals, snack bars and baking flour, are often fortified with synthetic forms of zinc.

Zinc and Fertility

Zinc has also been implicated in testicular development, sperm maturation and testosterone synthesis. In females, zinc plays a role in sexual development, ovulation and the menstrual cycle. zinc has antioxidant properties that counteract reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Zn contains many unique properties in humans, especially males.The antioxidant quality is one of them. Also, the increased reactive oxygen species levels in the seminal plasma of men who are both infertile and smokers influence the Zn content of seminal plasma in a way that physiology of spermatozoa can be affected as well. Moreover, Zn acts as a toxic remedy against heavy metals and cigarette inflammatory agents. Zinc as a hormone balancer helps hormones such as testosterone, prostate and sexual health and functions as an antibacterial agent in men’s urea systems. It plays a role in epithelial integrity, showing that Zn is essential for maintaining the lining of the reproductive organs and may have a regulative role in the progress of capacitation and acrosome reaction. In contrast, Zn deficiency impedes spermatogenesis and is a reason for sperm abnormalities and has a negative effect on serum testosterone concentration. Based on these findings, Zn microelement is very essential for male fertility.

Boosts Your Immune System

Zinc is necessary for immune cell function and cell signaling, a deficiency can lead to a weakened immune response. Zinc supplements stimulate particular immune cells and reduce oxidative stress.

zinc supplements significantly reduce the risk of infections and promote immune response in older adults .


May Reduce the Risk of Certain Age-Related Diseases

Zinc may significantly reduce your risk of age-related diseases, such as pneumonia, infection and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Zinc may relieve oxidative stress and improve immune response by boosting the activity of T-cells and natural killer cells, which help protect your body from infection.

May Help Treat Acne

Both topical and oral zinc treatments can effectively treat acne by reducing inflammation, inhibiting the growth of P. acnes bacteria and suppressing oily gland activity.


Deficiency Symptoms

Symptoms of severe zinc deficiency include impaired growth and development, delayed sexual maturity, skin rashes, chronic diarrhea, impaired wound healing, and behavioral issues.


Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is important for many bodily processes, including cognitive function, a healthy immune system, and fertility in both men and women.

Male & Female Fertility

Selenium (Se) is an essential element for normal testicular development, spermatogenesis, and spermatozoa motility and function. Supplemental Se improves semen quality and has beneficial and protective effects, especially on sperm motility. We advocate their use for the treatment of idiopathic male infertility diagnosed with asthenoteratospermia or asthenospermia in semen analysis.

Selenium also helps maintain the health of follicular fluid surrounding women’s eggs.

Selenium can promote healthy follicles in the ovaries, which develop and release the eggs. This antioxidant can also protect against birth defects and miscarriages caused by DNA damage.

Acts as a Powerful Antioxidant: Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and helps defend your body from chronic conditions, such as heart disease and cancer.

Cardiovascular disease: selenoproteins can protect against cardiovascular disease, because they prevent the oxidative modification of lipids, or fats, in the body. This reduces inflammation and prevents the buildup of platelets.

Cognitive decline: Selenium’s antioxidant activity may help reduce the risk of cognitive, or mental, decline, as people get older such as Alzheimer’s.

Thyroid disorders: Selenium has an important role in producing and metabolizing thyroid hormone.low serum levels of selenium were associated with an increased risk of autoimmune thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. Selenium supplements may benefit people with Hashimoto’s disease.

Cancer: The role played by selenium in DNA repair and other functions mean that it can help prevent cancer, including breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancers.

Boosts Immune System: Selenium is crucial for the health and proper functioning of your immune system. Higher levels of selenium may help boost the immune systems of people with HIV, influenza, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C.


  • Not Recommended for Children before 4 years of age.
  • The product is required to be stored out of reach of children.
  • Not to exceed the stated recommended daily usage.
  • This Product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Product manufactured in a GMP-certified plant.


  • Lycopene 4000 mcg + Zinc 10 mg+Selenium 35 mcg

Customer Stories


Lycopene is a naturally occurring carotenoid pigment found in tomatoes and some other fruits and vegetables. Some studies have suggested that lycopene supplementation improve sperm quality and function, and potentially enhance male fertility.

Lycopene is a naturally occurring pigment found in certain fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, watermelons, and pink grapefruits. Some of the potential advantages of lycopene include:

  • Antioxidant properties: Lycopene is a potent antioxidant, which means it helps to protect cells from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals.

  • Cardiovascular health: Some studies have suggested that lycopene may help to improve heart health by reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Cancer prevention: Some research has suggested that a diet rich in lycopene may help to lower the risk of certain types of cancer, including prostate, lung, and stomach cancer.

  • Skin health: Lycopene has been shown to protect the skin from UV damage and potentially improve skin appearance.

  • Male fertility: Limited evidence suggests that lycopene supplementation may improve sperm quality and function, potentially enhancing male fertility.

Selenium is a mineral that is important for overall health, including male fertility. It is involved in the production of sperm and has been shown to improve sperm motility and increase sperm count.

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