Folic Acid Rich Fruits in india


Hey folks, isn't it just delightful to bite into a juicy fruit on a hot summer day or curl up with a fruity snack on a breezy evening? You bet, it is! Now, what if we told you that these fruity delights are not just tasty, but are also packed with nutrients? Specifically, we're going to explore the folic acid enriched fruits, focusing on the abundance of these in India.

Welcome to, India's pioneering ferticeutical brand, where we fuse the power of fertility and pharmaceuticals. Today, let's discover together the folic acid rich fruits that India proudly offers. And who knows? Your favourite fruit might be on the list!

Folic Acid: The Unsung Hero of Nutrients

Before we dive into the juicy details, let's spare a moment for a quick primer on folic acid. It's an essential B-vitamin that aids in cell growth and development. It plays a crucial role during pregnancy and can help prevent major birth defects. Moreover, a regular intake of folic acid can keep heart diseases and depression at bay. So, it's high time we give this unsung hero the recognition it deserves!

The Folic Acid Fruit Fiesta in India

From the valleys of Kashmir to the plains of Kerala, India is home to a vibrant variety of fruits. Here are a few that are particularly rich in folic acid:

  1. Oranges: The winter delight not only provides you with a dose of vitamin C but is also one of the folic acid enriched fruits.
  2. Strawberries: Who knew the tantalizing folic acid foods strawberry could also bring a host of health benefits?
  3. Bananas: Easy to eat and rich in folic acid, bananas are indeed an all-rounder.
  4. Papaya: A tropical delight, papaya has a significant amount of folic acid.
  5. Guava: A single guava can supply a chunk of your daily folic acid requirements.

But remember, even the fruits that are low in folic acid have their own unique health benefits. The idea is to create a balanced, colorful diet!

Fruit Folic Acid Content per 100g
Oranges 30 mcg
Strawberries 24 mcg
Bananas 20 mcg
Papaya 38 mcg
Guava 49 mcg

Folic Acid Rich Fruits: Picking the Best

The task might sound daunting, but fret not! Here are some simple tips to help you choose the freshest and richest folic acid fruits:

  • Look for vibrant colors. A ripe fruit often has a bright color and a pleasant aroma.
  • Check the firmness. A fruit that is too hard or too soft might not be at its nutritional peak.
  • Keep an eye on the season. Seasonal fruits are fresher and often richer in nutrients.


Q1. What are the benefits of folic acid?

Folic acid plays a vital role in cell growth and development. It can help prevent major birth defects when taken during pregnancy. Also, it can potentially reduce the risk of heart diseases and depression.

Q2. What fruits are rich in folic acid in India?

Oranges, strawberries, bananas, papaya, and guava are some of the folic acid rich fruits in India.

Q3. Are strawberries a good source of folic acid?

Yes, strawberries are indeed a good source of folic acid. So, next time you enjoy the folic acid foods strawberry, know you're feeding your body some essential nutrients.

Q4. Are there any low folic acid fruits?

Yes, certain fruits like apples and peaches are relatively low in folic acid compared to other fruits.

Q5. How can I incorporate folic acid rich fruits in my diet?

You can enjoy these fruits as is, blend them into smoothies, or add them to salads. The possibilities are endless!

Q6. Are there any folic acid rich fruits for vegetarians?

Absolutely! Fruits like oranges, strawberries, and bananas are rich in folic acid and perfectly suited for a vegetarian diet.

Q7. What is a ferticeutical brand?

A ferticeutical brand, like, is a pioneer in providing fertility enhancing and health boosting products, intertwining the concepts of pharmaceuticals and fertility.

Q8. What is the importance of eating seasonal fruits?

Eating seasonal fruits ensures you consume them at their freshest, ensuring maximum nutrient intake, including folic acid.


In the end, it all comes down to making mindful choices when it comes to your diet. With the treasure trove of folic acid rich fruits in India, you are spoilt for choice. Whether it's the citrusy orange, the tantalizing strawberry, or the humble banana, each of these fruits brings a splash of folic acid goodness into your life. So, the next time you reach for a snack, make it a fruity one!, your trusted ferticeutical companion, is here to guide you through your journey to a healthier life. Happy fruity feasting!