Verified Customer Reviews

Verified Customer Reviews

Amrita Bhatt, 42 yrs, Jammu

I purchased Biophil Vita and used it &I personally found very much improvement in my energy levels in just two days. I also feel very energetic and healthy after using it.Really wonderful product . Thanks to biophilia for this amazing product. I recommend this to everyone after using it personally.

Sahil Aneja, 35 yrs, Gurgaon

I was having body aches all over, more in lumbar region, due to side effects of anticholesterol pills which is necessary for me to take everyday to keep my cholestrol in check. I was advised by my doctor to take Coenzyme CoQ10 daily to keep aches away. So I checked online for various options availabe, and first trial was given to Biophilia product BIOPHIL Q. It had immediate effect and I hung onto it eversince (Last 1 year).

Shweta Juneja, 38yrs, Delhi

“I’m using BIOPHIL Q from last 1 year, this supplement is very crucial for me, as im suffering from myopathy, I require to take this pile on daily basis. It helps me to accomplish my day to day tasks, like ease to climb stairs, long walk, in short it provides whole day energy to perform day to day task. As compared to other products Biophilia product contain more MG than other at very affordable price.”

Abhash Tripathi, 38 yrs, Meerut

“The product , BIOLARG Capsules, I received was genuine, and without any damage.

Regarding the products effectiveness, I found it most useful as a post-workout recovery tool. The vasodilation that occurs, helps repair/heal the muscles through better blood circulation, and Nitric Oxide delivery to the muscles.”

Kirti Jha, 28 yrs, Jaipur

“Being a user of Biophilia Research Lab’s Omega 3 capsules for the last couple of months, today, I have so much relief in work-related stress and depression. I have found that I am able to focus better and there is definitely a reduction in mental fatigue brought in by long hours of work.

There is a marked difference in the tiredness, I experienced in the past when I work out at the gym. It was only recently that I bought these capsules for my elderly parents, who were both going through age-related aches and pains. It was very heartening to hear my parents say that, after consuming these capsules for a week they have noticed a slight reduction in their pains and swelling in joints.
Am eagerly awaiting for the other benefits to set-in for them after they consume these capsules for a longer period. I strongly recommend this product to everyone.”

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